Caring for very dry skin

MaskDepending on age, nutritional status, the condition of the nervous system a quantity of fat in the facial skin varies. Disruption adversely affects sebum on a skin. It becomes rough, less elastic and more sharply expressed her drawing, cracks, increased sensitivity to a sun, wind, heat and cold-blooded, begins to peel off, easily irritated and covered with red spots. Dry facial skin is particularly a cheeks and temples, and forehead skin, nose, nasolabial folds and chin often even shines. She does not tolerate even a ablution aqua with soap superfatted. And then covered with little scales. It seems that the skin as if sprinkled with mealy. Dryness increases, and a skin is no longer tolerates washing with soap and h2o. Moreover, even after ablution with water alone it is frequently covered with red spots, fire. Then becomes flabby, increasingly covered by wrinkles, which at first appear near a corners of the eyes (called "crow's feet"). Sun, wind, and cold-blooded and heating accelerate and exacerbate these processes. If a beginning of such skin timely and thorough upkeep, It is possible to keep for a long time, her beauty, save from fading.Cleansing dry facial skin. Dry skin is cleaned with a gentle, cool water or water at apartment temperature. Cold-blooded water constricts blood vessels, from this, a face becomes loose, wrinkled, hot dilates blood vessels and also the pores and making a face loose. For dry skin acts favorably moist mild climate. Much great for her aerial treatments. Solar procedure is recommended to pick up only the early early. Before a general Thoroughly wash (in the bath, river, swimming pool, in the shower, in a bath) it is desirable to put on skin cream for very dry skin, oil, or a fat approachable at hand: sour serum, internal lard, unsalted cow butter.Similar articles:Mask Face care of the 45 yearsCover Facial those over 50Mask Masks for fase following 25 years.

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